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FAQ - Smoke and Fire Curtains Ltd


  • What are fire curtains?

    In its simplest form a fire curtain is similar to a roller shutter, but it is much lighter in weight with fire resistant material which is wound around a roller and concealed with a top box, which is constructed in two parts allowing access to the system fabric roller for ease, for service and maintenance. The roller is constructed from steel tube which incorporates a 24Vdc motor which is connected to the systems control panel. The fabric curtain edges are retained inside guides either side of the opening and are fixed to the construction opening. The lower edge of the fabric curtain incorporates a bottom bar. This weighted bar enables the fabric curtain to unwind, upon receipt of a signal, to its ¬re operational position. The bottom bar helps to stabilise the fabric curtain and provides an interface against the underside of the headbox. The systems are fitted to the exact measurements within the opening areas that require the fire resistance protection. When the systems are activated, they descend to their fire operational position to withstand a fire for between one to four hours depending on its application type and designed usage. Some systems offer dual-function barriers, with the system that acts as both a fire-resisting barrier as well as offer an active smoke containment system. The intended use (when closed) is to resist the passage of fire from one zone to another, create a protective route of escape or act as compartmentalisation.

  • What is Gravity Fail Safe?

    Gravity Fail Safe means that if there is a failure in the main functions of the system – i.e. the power supply and the battery back-up system then the smoke or fire barrier will fail-safe to its fire operational position, under a gravity-controlled descent aided by its weight.

  • Are fire curtains easy to install and how much room do they take up?

    Due to the compact nature of our Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd products, they can be installed unobtrusively, almost anywhere. They are a product designed not to be seen and therefore tend to be concealed above the false ceiling. Due to their compact size, they can also be incorporated into structural steel works, beams and other architectural finishes. Please see download details for dimensions as all sizes of top boxes, which are dependent upon overall dimensions.

  • How can fire curtains be fixed?

    All systems are installed as per the fire tested documents, either bolted or screw fixed to the supporting construction, depending on the product type. Drawings are providing to show fixing types and arrangements for the supporting construction type. We provide technical help from the outset, to ensure that our supply only clients are provided with the information required, to carry out a site survey. A full installation and operating and maintenance manual are provided to ensure a smooth and simple installation process. Technical help is always available over the phone if there are any queries.

  • Why not use standard steel fire shutters?

    Fire curtains are far more hi tech, efficient, compact and light weight than normal steel shutters. Some types of Fire Curtains can reduce the radiated heat flux to provide a tenable zone to pass by. Automatic Fire Curtains must pass extensive testing to ensure reliability and durability before being certified. With highly advanced electronics and control systems, to ensure the systems are suitable all types of applications or types. They are designed to work with building management systems.

  • Are your products compatible with an open space?

    Fire and smoke curtains are a good solution for an open space, they can be hidden but still allow people free access through the opening, until such time as when the alarm is activated. Alternative options that clients may choose include a fire door or sprinkler system, however, building control and fire regulations do recommend fire curtains more frequently due to the wider applications they have compared with standard fire doors. Our prices are more competitive than for a sprinkler system or a high specification fire door, which is bulky, in plain sight all the time and has limitations on its size.

  • Can you send us a price list?

    We don’t have a price list to send out as all our prices are based on the individual widths, heights and specifications for each project. If you have any projects that require a price, please let us know and we can issue a quotation immediately. Alternatively visit our Request a Quote page to submit details of your project and we will come straight back to you with a quote.

  • Can the curtain be brought back up if there is a false alarm?

    Yes, all curtains come with a key switch which can be turned in order to raise the curtain once the fire alarm system has been reset. The key switch can also be used for regular testing of the fire curtain, which is recommended to be carried out no more than once per week. Easy access to the fire curtain control panel is required in order to do this. If the alarm is still in operation, then an over-ride switch can be provided which will also raise the curtain to escape.

  • Do you provide horizontal curtains?

    No, we only provide the vertical fire curtains. We may look to add it to our portfolio of products in the future but currently there is not too much demand for them at the moment.

  • What is the connection to the alarm?

    The connection to the alarm is a normally closed, volt-free connection and our control panel is 24 vdc. The fire alarm system will need to be able to work with our low voltage control panels. If the fire alarm panel or detector is mains powered a relay will need to be put in place to ensure the fire curtain control panel does not blow a fuse. The only thing we cannot do during the installation is to connect to an already existing fire alarm system. The electrician or fire alarm technician will connect the alarm to the panel and our onsite installers will advise on how to do this. If the smoke or heat detector is provided by Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd then our installers will make the connection to the alarm.

  • What are the override switches?

    Override switches allow people to raise the curtain whilst the fire alarm is still in active mode. Pressing the switch will lift the curtain up and allow safe passage through the doorway. Once the switch has been released the curtain, then the curtain will descend to the floor, ensuring the fire integrity is not compromised.

  • Can the steelwork be painted to match?

    The side guides, top box and bottom rail can be painted to any standard RAL colour. White is the most popular colour but we can do any RAL colour that is specified in order to match the surroundings within the property.

  • What is the smallest size you offer?

    The smallest curtain size we can offer is 700mm wide. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

  • How much will the fire curtain weigh?

    The weight of the fire curtains depends on the individual width, height and material used. Please contact us on 0330 053 3660 and a member of our sales team will be able to inform you of the weight for your specific requirements.

  • Do you offer a Service and Maintenance on your products?

    Yes, we offer a 12 month guarantee for sales only clients and a 12month product and parts warrantee. A maintenance program is also available. Our engineers would come out once a year to ensure that the fire curtain(s) are working correctly. If possible, we will test the equipment off the alarm. The batteries will be changed in the control panel and also the motor limits. When complete, we’ll send through a Service & Maintenance certificate via email.

  • Can you provide a Service & Maintenance on our curtain? (The installer was not Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd or is not known.)

    Check the control panel and it should state which company installed it. We can provide maintenance only to our own fire curtain systems. Unfortunately, we cannot help with any other systems. Please contact our head office if you are unsure who installed your fire/ smoke curtain.

  • Can we just buy a roll of fabric?

    Yes, it usually comes in rolls of 25 or 50 metres long and 1.2 or 1.5 metres wide. The immediate availability is dependent upon stock levels. Cost per square metre will depend upon the integrity of the fabric. Please contact our head office on 0116 352 7223 for an immediate quote. Details of application type for cavity barriers is required to advise further.

  • What is Cavity Fire Protection and How Does it Work?

    Cavity fire protection involves the installation of cavity barriers, which are specially designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one area to another. These barriers are made from a variety of materials, such as steel, concrete, or gypsum board. They are installed around walls and ceilings to create a barrier between different parts of a building and help contain any fire that may occur. Typically cavity protection barriers are installed as standard on modern construction projects, however, care should be taken with older properties as these may have been built pre-requirement, so undertaking a fire-risk assessment is important to determine if cavity fire protection has been installed. Cavity closers should not be confused with cavity barriers as cavity closers serve the purpose of preventing damp and water vapour from entering the cavity wall rather than preventing fires. If however the closer is made from fire-resistant materials then the cavity closer would be considered a cavity protection barrier, despite not intentionally installed for that purpose.

Technical Advice

  • There is a clicking noise when I turn the key switch, but the curtain does not descend. What should I do?

    This usually indicates a problem with the battery, and it may need replacing. Re-check all fuses and wiring.

  • The curtain does not drop down on activation of the alarm. What should I do?

    This usually indicates a problem with the alarm connection. Check the connection to the alarm is wired in properly. Otherwise the polarity of the motor may be incorrect. Ensure the curtain is halfway down when triggering the alarm, if the fire curtain starts to ascend then the motor wires need to be reversed.

  • The curtain is not working off the key switch but is working off the alarm. What should I do?

    This most likely means that the control panel is set to auto reset so the key switch is made redundant. Ensure the key switch wiring connections are correct. For more information on this please refer to the troubleshooting page in the relevant Operating and Maintenance manual – this can be acquired by contacting our head office. If in any doubt please contact us on 0116 352 7223 for technical advice before attempting to carry out any work on the fire curtains.

  • My Question is not here, what should I do?

    If you cannot find an answer to your questions then please send us an e-mail or just make a telephone call to 0116 352 7223. We would be happy to answer any questions and provide any further information required.

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